Helping You Elevate Your Collector's Trove

FundYourCards, launched in May 2023, is your partner in achieving your collector’s dreams by streamlining your collection to acquire your Grail card. Our process is simple: we use our own funds to secure your Grail card, ensuring it’s in your possession. You then entrust us with your cards, which we privately sell for a 5-day period before consigning them. Our fee for this service is 10% of the Grail card’s purchase price. Once the card is fully paid off, we promptly ship it to you. If you need assistance in raising funds, you can contribute more cards or use a wire transfer. Any surplus funds raised beyond the purchase price and our 10% FYC fee are promptly refunded to you.

Meet the Founder

Meet the founder of Fund Your Cards, the visionary individual who share a passion for collecting and an unwavering commitment to helping fellow enthusiasts achieve their card-collecting dreams.




Mark’s first foray into sports card collecting started in early childhood during elementary school years. In 2019, his love for collecting evolved into forming relationships with various collectors, dealers and widely respected auction houses such as Goldin, Heritage, PWCC and online platforms such as ALT.

Mark’s gained expertise and experience as a dealer, helped many collectors maximize value through his extensive selling network. With Mark’s advice and contacts, collectors are able to add difficult to find grails to their collections at the best possible prices.