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Share Your Grail Card

Tell us about the particular card you desire and your budget. This could be any card located privately or running on auction.

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We Fund Your Grail

We buy your chosen card using our funds, sparing you immediate expenses and securing the card swiftly. A contract will be drafted detailing the item’s price and terms.

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Card Transfer

Covering the Cost

To offset the card’s cost, you’ll provide us with your cards that you’re ready to sell.

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Sale of Cards

Our Expert Sales

We sell your cards until we reoup the cost of the purchase card, plus a 10% service charge for managing the sale and initial purchasing risk. We’ll attempt private sales for your cards for 5 days, after which unsold cards are sent to an auction house of your preference.

The approach is to attempt private sales for a 5-day duration. If they remain unsold, the options are either to consign them with Goldin, PWCC, Alt or eBay.

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    Rare Cards Within Reach:
    Fund Your Cards’ extensive network, gives collectors access to elusive and coveted cards.

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    Tailored to Your Collecting Goals:
    Fund Your Cards is committed to customizing financing options to suit individual collectors.

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    Empowering Informed Decisions:
    Collectors will be guided by knowledgeable experts in their collecting journey.

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    Your Partner in Success:
    Fund Your Cards is strongly committed to transparent and secure transactions!