My experience with FYC couldn’t have been better. Smooth and clean process wether you’re selling or buying, they take care of everything. I will keep using this service in the future. Far better than consigning and sending a card to auction, you set your price and they get to work to find you a good deal out there.


Fund my cards is an amazing business that has helped me achieve my card grails. It helped me consolidate my other Brady cards to finally get a psa 3 2000 contenders Brady auto.

The guys at Fund Your Cards were very easy to work with. They were very responsive to all my questions during the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use their service again. Highly recommended to anyone looking to level up with card collection and PC.


Hands down, fantastic program and one of the most straightforward, easy and pleasant experiences in acquiring any card. FYC and the team have helped me attain cards I’ve wanted for so long. Exceptional service, program and absolute pleasure in dealing with the team Mark and Shai. You guys make it so simple and easy, thanks!

Getting back into the hobby in early 2020 was the beginning of finding my identity as a hobbyist, collector and sports fanatic. Throughout these past several years, I have learned so many valuable lessons, not only on what to spend my money on but most importantly how I want my collection to be curated. In the beginning, I was primarily chasing the money and what I thought would be a solid flip opportunity or store of value long term. I quickly learned, like in most risk assets, that nothing is guaranteed and you can quickly lose the clothes on your back to a declining market. As my collecting experience adapted and refined, I learned that its more important to target the player(s) that I truly appreciated and enjoyed watching, and number two their rarest of pieces to avoid constant selling pressure and market volatility.

With the help of Fund Your Cards, Mark Saidov and their amazing team, I have been able to achieve my hobby goals and dreams. With the ability to acquire most of my pc pieces that are super rare and expensive by using my current card collection, has helped me tremendously. Mark and his team are extremely responsive, supportive and integral to my collecting journey. I would highly recommend any collector to utilize their services as their own collecting journey is refined.


Fund Your Cards has helped my collection tremendously. I’ve been wanting to get more focused in my collection. Consolidate loose ends to make things more connective. Have a more clear vision in telling the story of the many players I loved watching; and through the many card designs and sets I am passionate about. Like most collectors, I struggle to part ways with any card. They all have a purpose, a reason why I acquired it and what it says about me and my collection. No matter the value. But I knew I wanted to obtain numerous higher value cards. And even though I may have had the funds to outright purchase the cards, the ability to not shovel a bunch of cash at rare items and to instead work with Fund Your Cards to fund these true beauties has been a blessing. It’s allowed to me really decide what is important in my collection and what is not. It’s forcing my hand to consolidate and make tough decisions; yet ultimately through consolidation, through these tough decisions, this process has greatly benefited my vision for my collection. I’ve obtained cards I’ve only dreamt about. And I have built a much stronger and much more beautiful, personal collection to me. Mark has been a joy to consistently work with on countless deals. Through his connections and partnerships, I truly value what he offers with this business and what he offers as a fellow card collector obsessive like myself. I hold Mark in the highest esteem. I will continue to use Fund Your Cards as I will continue to build my collection for many years to come. Highly recommend. 


Fund Your Cards has my strongest vouch and endorsement. They have helped me get numerous grails into my collection that would never have been possible without their service. They are extremely fair and professional and are filling a much-needed gap in the hobby by providing collectors with liquidity to consolidate using the equity they have oult to in their collections. on a both Mark and Shai well and I think they are great guys and wisn them nothing but success in this endeavor. We all benefit if they succeed.


Swift and efficient, 2 words I would use to describe my experience with Fund Your Cards. They provide extraordinary value handling full logistics tied to moving your cards into a larger acquisition. I would highly recommend for anyone feeling overwhelmed at the idea of moving several cards in a short time frame when a unique collecting opportunity arises. They were great at prioritizing direct sales to net the most value from my cards. I’m thrilled with the card I was able add to my collection and appreciate the ease that FYC provided in the process. Look forward to working with them again in the future.


Fund Your Cards puts consolidation on easy mode. Save time, find grails, build better. 


FundYourCards is a landmark, cost-transparent service for savvy collectors intending to responsibly acquire expensive grail cards at a moment’s notice.  Timing is everything but due to their scarce nature, it’s impossible to time the availability of true grail cards. They appear at random times and irrespective of our current budgets and personal financial situations. Further, when these highly sought-after items do surface for sale, they sell fast…and sometimes to a “PC” never to see the light of day again(!). This is why FundYourCards can be such a valuable tool for collectors. FYC allows you, the little guy, to act fast/instantly on a grail card without compromising your current financial situation. As one of FYC’s many recurring/repeat customers, Mark is honest, organized, responsive, well-networked and super easy to work with when it comes to the logistics (direct sales and/or consignments) end of the relationship. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my FYC experience and I look forward to more deals in the future.